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The Wobble

 Sci-Fi, Baseball, Armageddon
     Pure baseball and science fiction come together to create an intense drama of power, greed and murder wrapped around an actual fact about the threat of the Earth's final days.  A series of circumstances that defy the laws of physics come from a young baseball player. Science and engineering seek to save the planet as they work against the forces of ignorance and corruption.  Can they change our destiny or be resigned to accept it?

Knowing Jack

Humor, Golf   
   Despite a ghostly warning, Wayne picks up the game of golf where he is tormented by the game and his doppelganger, Jack. 
   The characters these two meet on and off the course are material for Jack’s biting and timely wit.  The names may be different, but you will recognize the antics of those that play this ‘honorable’ game. They think they’re getting away with it, but Jack knows. 

Confessions of an Altar Boy

   Humorous memoirs of a Catholic school

    The antics of a band of students and a flock of nuns collide in this discipline versus mischief story. It is a peek inside the odd mysteries of a parochial school. This is truly a warm story of an earlier time. I hope to open your eyes, your
heart and exercise your right to laugh and snicker uncontrollably for that
is my only goal.

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