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The Wobble 

    True Courage  arises from our worst fears.
SciFi, Baseball, Armageddon - What if nature sent a delivery to help the Earth, would we accpet it or try to destroy it.  Pure baseball and science fiction come together to create an intense drama of power, greed and murder wrapped around an actual fact about the threat of the Earth's final days.

Knowing Jack (proceeds to Veteran's Council, IRC thru 7/31)

   People  say they  'know Jack ' 

Humor, Golf   -    Despite a ghostly warning, Wayne picks up the game of golf where he is tormented by the game and his humorous  doppelganger, Jack.

Confessions of an Altar Boy 

   Somebody stole my' Think before you speak ' governor 

Humor, Memoirs -     The antics of a band of parochial students and a flock of nuns collide in this discipline versus mischief story.
Growing up Islip (proceeds to HSIH Islip High Scholarship Fund)
    West Side Story' in the 'sticks.'

Humorous Memoirs​​ --     Yes, it was just like 'West Side Story' in the 'sticks' as they moved from 'the city' in the 1950s and 60s.  LIfe was sure different and we were the better for it. 

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