Knowing Jack - 5 stars  - Wayne's dry humor draws attention in a hilarious way to golfers and their real-life idiosyncrasies on and around that crazy place they call a golf course. What an enjoyable book that leaves you wanting more.


Confessions of an Altar Boy  - 5 stars on Amazon "... chalk full of great memories of growing up in small town America. I loved it! Whether one went to parochial school or not, the antics of these youngsters will cross-relate. The characters in this book are endearing, and I found myself laughing out loud and also being transported back in time.

MJ Butler, Author

The Wobble - ...The Wobble moves at a quick pace yet the author has been able to bring a good deal of suspense to the table with his use of delay and ticking clocks. I enjoyed The Wobble and its suspenseful narrative that should satisfy both Sci-Fi and Fantasy fans alike. The book’s images come alive as if on a movie screen, especially the detailed descriptions of The Hand of Noah.
An excellent book, highly recommended. - 5 stars

JJ White,

Growing up Islip  - 5 stars on Amazon- "You don't have to be from Islip to enjoy this book. Very readable style with nostalgia for anyone from this era." 
​"Thoroughly enjoyed this book. For anyone who grew up on LI, it’s a must. Thanks, Wayne, for bringing me back!

TomD and Mary Neil
on Amazon Review
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